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  1. > look close at GlassWire's Firewall tab Currently I have Glasswire's firewall feature turned off, because I'm using the Comodo Firewall. It looks like you may have gotten the problem fixed. Thank you very much for all of your help! I'll report back if I see anything. Best to you! Mark
  2. Sorry for not replying -- for some reason, some (but not all) of the emails I get when you reply have gone to my junk-mail folder. 😕 Malwarebytes scans with rootkit option enabled have not detected anything, nor has Webroot scans. Glasswire has been turned off since July 15 (Wednesday of last week). Should I turn Glasswire back on now?
  3. After completion, the MSERT dialog stated it found no virus, etc. The log file is attached. A Webroot scan detected no threats. msert (2).log
  4. Avast Uninstall has been run and appears to have completed successfully. FIXLOG.txt is attached. There was no XSEARCH.txt file on the desktop, though. Fixlog.txt
  5. Malwarebytes said it was up-to-date. The update package is 1.0.26797. The Component package is 1.0.979. Glasswire's Firewall page provides lists for Blocked Apps, Active Apps, and Inactive Apps. I found no reference to Avast in any of the lists. The new FRST scan logs and Autorun log are attached. Addition.txt FRST.txt Autoruns.zip
  6. > Neither of those is reported as being found. Either as a registry entry ( trace) or as part of a file-name. Those would have been expected to be a value in a particular registry entry. My apologies. I noticed that the particular keys in the search string were associated with a pair of detections that I had already quarantined, so I assume they would not be found during the search. (I recall that you mentioned at the start of this effort not to make unrequested changes as this could hamper efforts. Going forward, I will not quarantine unless you say so.) As it turns out, two n
  7. Attached is the requested log file. Search.txt
  8. Attached is the report from the lastest scan showing the two firewall rule detections. I had already quarantined them before saving the report. I don't recall seeing that dialog box. Typically, I open the Malwarebytes GUI and run a custom scan to see them, or it will already show detections from a scheduled scan. MBAM_Scan_Report_#4.txt
  9. All updates have been applied. I experimented with disabling Glasswire. After two days, the two instances of Trojan.BlockAV are back again, so Glasswire may not be the cause. I went ahead and quaranatined them. Suggestions?
  10. If the registry key creation that Malwarebytes is detecting as Trojan.BlockAV is associated with the Windows firewall, it could be that Glasswire is injecting those. Since no other checks have found any malware so far, how about if I disable Glasswire and check if they return over the next few days? BTW, I did *not* quarantine the two detections from the last Malwarebytes scan.
  11. Attached are the requested files. The Malwarebytes scan detected two instances of Trojan.BlockAV again. I ran a full scan with Microsoft Safety Scanner; no viruses, etc. were found. SecurityCheck.txt msert.log MBAM_Scan_Report_#3.txt
  12. Update completed. Malwarebytes version; Update package version 1.0.26373; Component package version 1.0.972.
  13. I forgot to mention that the Webroot AntiVirus is a paid-for product. fyi
  14. MBAM Scan Report #2 is attached. No Trojan.BlockAV detections were reported. This is not unusual concerning what I have experienced with Trojan.BlockAV after quarantining; if things go as usual, the two detections will appear again in a day or two. Concerning the Webroot and Comodo software: I installed Comodo Free Firewall in the past day or so. It may come bundled with a trial of their internet security suite as well, but the firewall is all I was interested in. I installed Webroot last night as a double-check, to see if it found any viruses; after a full scan, it found no viru
  15. Attached is the AdwCleaner log file. AdwCleaner[S02].txt
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