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  1. All 3 boxes checked under internet properties here, too. I'm on Win8.1 Pro, kept up to date except for the obnoxious GWX KB's. It's probably worth noting that the last release of AdGuard introduced TLS1.3 as the default for all sites that support it, with a fallback to 1.2. Disabling 1.3 in AdGuard settings didn't change the outcome, however. Though that's not suprising, considering the issue has thus far been isolated to non-https connections.
  2. I'm experiencing the same thing with Malwarebytes / Component v1.0.390 / Update 1.0.5715, but I think I've narrowed down the cause somewhat. Symptoms: Non-https sites don't load at all Consistently broken across browsers No filtering/blocking popups appear With Web Protection enabled and AdGuard running, non-https websites don't load at all-- they just sit there with the status bar reading "waiting for <site>...". This occurs for every plain http site I've tried, but for a specific example: http://www.stealmylogin.com Solution/workaround I believe it's a conflict between AdGuard Pro for Windows (v6.3.1303.3881 - release branch), which decrypts TLS connections to do deep filtering, and a recent version of the Web Protection module If I either disable Web Protection or quit AdGuard and its background service entirely, things immediately go back to normal. I'm not running any other antivirus or network filtering applications. Conclusion Based on the ESET discussion above, it appears a recent change to Malwarebytes is causing issues with other network-filtering applications, rather than anything introduced by AdGuard or ESET. edit: Also, adding Malwarebytes as a filtering exclusion to AdGuard, and vice-versa, had no effect
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