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  1. Hello, Aura, the Delfix log is posted below. No more inquiries for now. Once again, thanks for your help. Really appreciate it. DelFix.txt
  2. Did a rescan of Adwcleaner, Roguekill and malwareBytes. Nothing has appeared. Scans are all clean.
  3. Hello Aura, System's working fine. The All-radio 4.27 malware and online application do not show up in task manager or appear anymore.
  4. Hello, Thanks for the reply. All the logs are attached as below. Did a rescan for everything. Advise on next step please. Malware Scan.txt Fixlog.txt FRST3.txt Addition3.txt
  5. Hello, given that we are almost finished with the clean up, would it be possible for you to reply slightly faster? I apologize for the rush.
  6. Hello, I did as requested. The new Malwarebyte log, FRST and addition logs have been attached as below. Please advise on next step. Thanks. FRST2.txt Addition2.txt MalwareBytes scan 5.txt
  7. Hello Aura, I did one more malwarebyte scan after quarantining the files shown in the malwarebytes scan 3.txt. The log is attached as below. No more infected files can be detected. Please advise. MalwareBytesscan4.txt
  8. Hello Aura, thanks for the response. The adwcleaner log and the roguekiller log are attached as below. In addition, I have run the malwarebytescan one more time, and the scan log is attached below. Files have been quarantined. Please advise on the next step necessary. rk_93CD.tmp.txt Malwarebytes scan 3.txt AdwCleaner[C00].txt
  9. Malware is still present from the MalwareBytes Scan earlier posted. Please advise on how to remove the rest. Thanks.
  10. Hello Aura, thanks for your solution. The Fixlog.txt is provided as below. Also, did a rescan with the Malwarebyte. The Malware Byte scan is provided as below. Thanks. Fixlog.txt MalwareBytes Scan Results 2.txt
  11. Sorry for separating the malwarebyte log scan, and the FRST scans. I did the scans separately within minutes of each other
  12. Hello Aura, thanks for your help. The FRST, Additions scan logs are attached as below Addition.txt FRST.txt
  13. Hello, to all it may concern. I accidentally installed a program that contained this particular malware All-Radio 4.27 and it cannot be removed, and I would appreciate any help in removing it. The log scan results are as shown below attached. Please help. Malware Bytes Scan Results.txt
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