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  1. Thank you so much,I've blocked this.I was thinking about blocking it,but I was scared.I didn't know if it is a virus or not.Thank you once again!You're the man ?
  2. It's called FiveM.exe of course
  3. Here's the log but I can't send here this file.They can download it from here it's really small https://fivem.net/ mbst-grab-results.zip
  4. Thank you so much,i’m no longer scared that something will happen.When I go back,I’ll send everything.
  5. So I can tell you,that it happens when I go to the server list.This file name is FiveM.exe this is the file that runs the game.I’ve been scaning this file and other files in the FiveM folder and there’s no virus.
  6. I’m not home right now.I will post it when I come back.
  7. I’ve sent you a message with it
  8. Hello everyone.When I run the FiveM app,malwarebytes is telling me,that he blocked virus and some hijack virus.He's also telling me that is in the FiveM.exe.It happens everytime I run it.I have a malwarebytes premium so he's blocking everything.Is it a virus or malwarebytes works wrong with FiveM.Shall I be worried?
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