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  1. Thank you Kevin for assisting me through this. Reformatting may not really be in my strongest decision yet, but maybe I'll consider it in the future.
  2. @kevinf80 Here's the lists, I don't think Malwarebytes is included here
  3. @kevinf80 I did as instructed, and even with the new administrator it still failed to install. It prompted the same restart response
  4. @kevinf80 Sorry for the wait, school had kept me busy. I'll be resuming this in a minute.
  5. @kevinf80 Sorry for the wait, Here's the lists of permissions
  6. @kevinf80 I tried them again up until Iexplorer. They now they all gave the same response.
  7. @kevinf80 I see now what happens if I do that, I stopped after IExplore where it prompted this message.
  8. @kevinf80 I pressed Y and it rebooted, but I'm not quite sure what was the effect. Do I keep doing it to all these, and see if there is an effect?
  9. @kevinf80 I simply run all the programs until I find what works? What if it asks me to reboot like this?
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