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  1. And i am not sure right now, it works perfectly fine before my phone spoilt and had to be repaired, where all my data are wiped and then when i reinstall malwarebytes and that happened
  2. Hi mbam, No, i am a huawei user with emui equivalent of android 10 Nameless
  3. Ok i found the issue with these apps, its actually referring to uninstalled apps (i tried removing some apps with data usage and found that they are converted to these randomly assigned numbers). This only happened to my huawei mate 20 pro and not my previous phones and only through the recent updates.
  4. So it begins 2 days ago when i started noticing my battery draining more than 10 to 15% while on standby, on airplane mode. The first time i thought maybe its something but it happened for a second time and i thought about looking it up. Then when i did a restart of my phone, 10 new random apps appeared installed on my phone. Even though i have disallowed all external sources (im using huawei mate 20 pro) and when i view the app installed from my phone, it does not show the "app installed from google play" or "installed from app gallery". So clearly, its installed by an unauthorized third party. So i went to check my wifi usage and i found this. Other apps doesnt look suspicious. Only this one named "10495". Any idea what this "10495" app is? This doesnt have a deny access to wifi, neither does it appear in my file manager or app manager when i searched. It might be a rooted application but i've never seen it before. There are many similar ones, im not sure what they are.
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