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  1. I was referring to that no one had contacted me privately as your comment sujeria to tell me to come to post anything here ... On the other hand I repeat that I just wanted to give my experience on the site as a user years ago but neither will I it comes to me ... do not take it the wrong way but to me it stops more your case a user that surely will have lost money in the multiply and takes it as revenge to freebitco, it is the sensation that gives me, I do not say it is that way but if you stop to think all the "casinos" have to deal with a lot of people like that, who lose money and take it against the casino itself ... I said, I will not post anymore because as I said several times neither will I it comes to me, I think it has been clear what I wanted to express and so I have done ... just one more thing, this is for the admin of freebitco ... since there have been so many changes in the page, you could stretch a little but also and on the weekends together with the rewards bonus, remove the% for the house (only on weekends), I think It would be a good commercial strategy for people to be encouraged to play something more in the multiply ... Greetings to all and luck!
  2. no one has asked me to come and comment anything and I repeat that I do not care, I have only seen what they said and I have commented MY experience since it is long on the page (I would say from the beginning practically). And the only thing I said is that I have not seen anything strange, you say that mine to escndidas and such ... I have not seen any of that, you can not accuse without giving something to certify ... I just say that
  3. I am a user of the site since 2014 and I have to say that I have never had problems that broke_tradah mentioned, before they had a tab that was to go under your browser but you had to give it to the button and accept but it was already removed some time ago. .. I do not say that it is neither more reliable nor less the site, the truth, I do not care I personally would not bet a hard one after having lost enough in his game but that you secretly mine or such strange things .. .yo as a user I say no a had. Sorry for my english.A greeting !!
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