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  1. No I haven't installed the Windows Updates yet. The reason I couldn't install it immediately is our internet speed is only 1mbps and I couldn't use the computer for more than 2 hours in a day. The update might size up to more than 3gb and that would mean a few hours of download. If the updates are really that important, please do allow me to get back to you after a day or two so I could download it part by part.
  2. Thanks for reoppening the thread Aura. The GBHVEXIG.exe seem to have reappeared on my system after my premium trial expired. I also noticed that those websites that were blocked by MB when I still had my premium trial were connected to the malware I first mentioned. I came to think that those websites downloaded the file when it was no longer blocked by the free version of Malwarebytes because when I ended the iexplore.exe upon startup, GBHVEXIG.exe would not also be present in my computer. What I did after scanning was, I disabled Internet Explorer from the Windows Features.
  3. It happens even if I'm using other web browsers. It only stops blocking if I manually end the iexplore.exe
  4. Here are the new set of logs.... By the way, I still get a notification from Malwarebytes that a website has been blocked due to Malware. Is that ok? Addition.txt FRST.txt
  5. I did not find any "Chrome Cleaner Pro" in neither chrome://extensions nor chrome://apps. I remember that it was removed using ADWCleaner. Here is the log you required I also would like to mention that Malwarebytes still keeps notifying me that a Website is blocked due to malware even after the fix was applied and rebooted. The malware it was indicating iexplore.exe. Fixlog.txt
  6. Here's the file.. I seem to have uploaded the wrong one from my previus reply mbam result.txt
  7. GBHVEXIG.EXE still is coming back even if the file from C:\Windows\pss directory was detected and deleted. And I also keep getting a live notification from malwarebytes about a website being blocked Attached in this reply are my new scans from a newer version of Malwarebytes, FRST and ADWCleaner. Addition.txt FRST.txt AdwCleaner[S02].txt
  8. Lol... yeah, it was the "Welcome" gif... It didn't load that well last night Anyways, thanks Sir David
  9. Hi David! what's this? :'))
  10. After an hour of scanning for rootkits, I finally had my result from Malwarbytes, and I'm hoping I had fixed the gbhvexig.exe issue fixed (fingers crossed). However my USB "shortcut virus" still persists. Here are the results of FRST and Mbam mbam result.txt FRST.txt Addition.txt
  11. Thanks. Everything is clear now. I just wasn't able to read that post on the link you that you gave. Hoping someday I could be like you experts helping people around
  12. Thank you for replying Aura. May I take a few moments before upload the files you are requesting? While I was waiting for a reply in my thread I decided to re-scan my PC using Malawarebytes with the Scan for Rootkits checked. It's been scanning now for 44 minutes and is still scanning (by the time I replied). It has detected a file C:\WINDOWS\PSS\GBHVEXIG.EXE.STARTUP which something I haven't seen in my previous scans. And knowing that I would need to restart my PC after this scan, I want to it to finish before I continue to follow some of your instructions. Would that be fine?
  13. I'm quite new in this forum and I would like to say hi to every member in here I would just like to ask, how long does it usually take a post/problem/concern to be entertained by a moderator, or malware expert? I have had a post and it's been quite a while now since I've posted it but no reply from anyone. Is there also a standard procedure or way of posting in this forum? Anyways, Good day to all
  14. I have a suspicious file named gbhvexig.exe that keeps coming back after a restart or two. I suspect it to be causing multiple instances of iexplore.exe (reaches up to 4 instances when my normal number of instances is only 2) upon startup and these instances are detected as malicious ads. I also think it is responsible for breaking the .dll files of two games in my PC. Another concern is, all USB sticks I insert in my PC gets infected with the RECYCLER folder and "shortcut virus". I have ran several scans already using Malwarebytes but still my USBs are getting infected.
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