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  1. Its not a false positive because it has done hidden mining in the past and this isnt an new issue. It's been brought up before but the posts about it get deleted in the btc forums as "off topic" when in actuality they are deleted simply because the thread starter doesnt agree with or want people to know about it. The whole idea behind a hidden miner is that its NOT detectable. The mining is also random, so it doesnt appear (the JS file literally isnt requested) EVERY time and thus thats why it's so difficult to catch. Thus, it's no surprise to anyone that normal users such as yourself hadnt noticed it. It often takes getting blocked by an app such as Malwarebytes for people to realize something has been going on. This clearly isnt a "hacking" issue either as wetsuit has not made any such claims that his server has been hacked (although I suspect that claim may be forthcoming if he cant get his site unblocked). Here is something you may not know either. The site reloads itself EVERY hour. Therefore it has a chance to load a miner, run it for an hour, and then it simply just disappears before the user ever even notices it. Have you ever wondered why the site reloads itself EVERY hour even though it's not necessary to do so with the advent of Ajax (which it does use, yet it still unnecessarily reloads the page with no-cache at the top of every hour like clockwork). Now you know why it's been doing that. There is simply NO technical reason for the site to reload itself EVERY hour. Period. None. I dont care what wetsuit comes up for an excuse. The ONLY plausible reasoning for it would be that the site is attempting to hide something and that something would be the random miner that has shown up in the past. I've seen it with my own eyes as I always have my CPU monitor in the system tray. I also just happen to be a security analyst So I knew what was going on. Personally it doesnt bother me because I know what its doing and how to stop it, but I'm not representative of the normal pool of users and I know if I told them what he was doing, they wouldnt agree with what he was doing. Malwarebytes is doing its part in helping those normal users combat what he does. My personal opinion of hidden mining is that its a good replacement for ads (something freebitco use to have a lot of but has since disappeared). However it seems to be that the majority of the population doesnt like this and the virus/malware scanners are doing what the masses tell them that they want. I think if most people had no issue with hidden mining (also known as Cryptojacking in the security industry) then the scanners probably wouldnt do anything about it, but that just isnt the case.
  2. If Thequin had not badmouthed my dice bot over and over and over for no good reason at all (it doesnt abusel free rolls and is actually a martingale bot for his dice game) in a thread I created specifically for the bot without disturbing freebitcos threads then I might not of gone on the warpath but at this point I dont even care anymore. If freebitco were to die tomorrow I wouldnt even care and would move the bot to a different site. If I were wetsuit I would have fired him on the spot because my bot gets people to deposit large amounts into his site and not all of them are responsible players and will lose it all which is revenue for both of us. My live stream is always up 24x7 and it shows just how stable the bot can be with the correct settings and it makes the multiply game loads more fun. Why any clown would trash it the way thequin does is only understandable when one realizes that his iq is that of a walnut.
  3. Actually I lose revenue if freebitco goes down or somehow loses customers because i run a public bot fhat uses freebitco. So everytime one of my users rolls, i get a commisson from it. I dont actually use the site myself anymore other than a small account to show how the bot works on a live stream. My problem with freebitco is that its been doing less than honest things lately and my users sometimes blame me for it and im not cool with that. Their staff of thequin is also in need of replacing too because he just lies through his teeth like water travels downstream in a river. Its clear your first language isnt english so ill give you a pass in saying you came here because of someone else. I didnt mean someone messaged you directly. I was just saying that you came here becauae you saw his post thats all. If Thequin had not badmouthed my dice bot (it doesnt even roll free rolls by default and is actually a martingale bot for his dice game) I wouldnt have such a big problem with the site. I can deal with the hidden crap thats been going on with his site and helping people add a whitelist but the tirades that Thequinn does are completely inexcusable and unprofessional. So ya, he needs to be replaced/fired, whatever and wetsuit really should have been reprimanded for the mining stuff long ago. Im hoping this issue will open his eyes to the fact that we can and do see the shady stuff he does. Maybe he will even get the site licensed properly to give it more credibility but im not betting on that one since it forces him to step out from behind the anonymous fog of the internet.
  4. Thats the point. You wouldnt see it unless you were looking for it specifically (which you wont find now that wetsuit knows someone is on to his game). And yes you did come here because someone asked you to as seen here: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=320959.6460 where he says and I quote: "If anyone would like to pop over to https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/231469-freebitcoin-being-blocked/ and put the record straight that would be appreciated." Wetsuit got caught with his pants down and is trying to do damage control now. If his site is unblocked, theres no telling if he would just try it again in the future. I would place a bet that he would try something again. What that something is, idk. I think its just best to leave it blocked because users can whitelist it by hand if they really want to keep visiting the site. At that point they should know that they are dealing with a less than honest site.
  5. Thats the problem Cur53dWolf. Hidden mining doesnt show up as a "problem". It's hidden. The users simply dont know it's happening unless something like Malware tells them about it (which it's obviously been doing). So it's not surprising that you've never had issues with it. I know that TheQuinN asked people to come here and plead their case that it's "legit", but the problem with that is that these users dont have any clue what a hidden miner is let alone what it does. So those "testimonials" should be viewed as invalid imo
  6. You crack me up. Calling sucuri a scam. omg I am dying of laughter over here. You really are clueless arent you Did it ever occur to you that Wetsuit isnt what you think he is? Yes? No? Maybe? Even a tiny ounce? Did you approach him about licensing yet? Let me know how that convo goes.
  7. I rest my case. Anything that they dont agree with == scammy according to them. Sucuri is anything BUT scammy. It's a highly respected company in the security industry. Virustotal is not meant to be used to scan websites for anything. All it'll do is check blacklists and scan files that a user uploads or links to, often displaying a lot of false negatives (and false positives) along the way. It doesnt even use the full version of the products it uses (they use free versions publicly available or provided by said company, you can see this in their Tos) It's not really as reliable of a source when checking a website, file, or whatever you are trying to check. In general, just dont use virustotal for anything mission critical. I wouldnt even use it on my smart electricronic garden gate personally let alone a file or website.
  8. You are correct, I do have an agenda against this site BECAUSE of its snake oil practices and its attempts to mute me when I bring them up. Classic douchbaggery tactics. If you ran a legit operation and had a sane employee doing your CS you wouldnt have people such as myself so adamant to point out all its wrong doings and illegal activities. We both know that the random mining has and may happen again among all the other issues ive brought up as well. So it shouldnt be any surprise to anyone that it got flagged by a scanner which just goes to show im not 'lying' about anything and to say such things also insinuates that this here scanner is as well. Your attempts to delete my posts (which i mentioned already) are no excuse for the random hidden mining that has been taking place. However mysteriously since I started posting here and proposed that thequinn stop deleting posts in exchange for being quiet elsewhere, none of my posts have been deleted. So if that remains the case, i will cease posting here. But if the practice continues I will raise as much hell as I can in forums you dont control.
  9. Please take into consideration that this is an illegal gambling site that is not licensed/registered anywhere let alone the US (as demanded here by US Law: https://www.gamblingsites.com/online-gambling-jurisdictions/us/). The US is but only one example. I'm sure more could be provided given this site's chosen industry (gambling/porn). As a malwarebytes user, I would agree with continuing to block this site as it's potentially malicious given it's illegal status and history of silently mining with coinhive on it's users machines randomly.
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