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  1. The icon in the start menu works when you right click it and select a specific folder. Issue is fixed by either signing out or restarting. Yeah, I can confirm that this is a windows bug since, when I pin file explorer to task bar, I can open it with no issues.
  2. Yep, still works. Maybe it was caused by restarting the system settings? I was able to replicate the issue by killing explorer.exe.
  3. DelFix.txt here yah go! However, after running this, when I click the file explorer in the Start menu it gives me this error. I've restarted my pc and it;s now back to normal. Not sure what's the cause of this
  4. Phew, I'll let you know if something weird happens in the future ?. Again, thank you so much for your help! This is the first time I've actually gotten my PC infected lol, such an experience.
  5. Damn, hopefully I don't need to reinstall my Windows. Please let me know if I'm okay to breathe haha
  6. Phew, can I start celebrating now? mbar-log-2018-06-29 (01-08-09).txt
  7. haha, all visible signs of the infection are now removed (including the accessing of the website when starting up firefox). Have you taken a look at the zip file and the malwarebytes website blocked.txt and the zip C.7z ? I've also sent the link of the specific virus I got. I was so foolish to trust that site, ugh
  8. just an update on this, I have updated Firefox and restarted. No outbound connections to the site are now detected. (chrome is also not affected)
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