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  1. I found this topic: https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/217410-what-is-the-difference-between-malwarebytes-for-home-vs-for-teams/ I see now that I can get Malwarebytes Premium for teams, which is the same as Premium for home, just more suited for smaller businesses. Because I think this topic is in the wrong section of forum, I ask admin to move it to right place. Thank you.
  2. I wrote to support@malwarebytes.com and I received a reply that they can't help me with business related licences (???) and I have to cal phone number 1-800-520-2796 or check myself for business licences details on their website. So I decided I will try on forums and see if I can get any answers. We are a small engineering company and we use 4 computers for our work. Two PCs are CAD workstations (HP Z420) for everyday work and most of internet traffic goes through them. One PC is also a workstation (HP Z420) and is used as a data server for all our CAD data. One PC is a laptop and is used
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