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  1. Early 2011 MacBook Pro- 16 G RAM with an SSD, running system High Sierra 10.13.6 MWB version (just updated) 4.6.11 No Chrome browser installed, Safari with Dashlane & AdGuard General as only extensions With NO applications running (except Application monitor) MWB Daemon is continuously consuming between 35 and 110% of CPU time and ~35% of energy.
  2. Note that Malwarebytes is hairsplitting on support based on where the license was purchased- from their site or a retailer. The response from treed quoting the July 31 date is being disputed by their support group based on my purchase of an "old" key from a retailer- see my topic...
  3. This is an update (latest response is shown below). I've been notified by Malwarebytes support that I was sold and "old" license. The packaging was not dated, did not indicate that the software has a shelf life, and did not indicate Windows only machines. It operated from January of this year thru last week on my Mac's (and the Windows machine). I purchased a valid license. Malwarebytes should step up and resolve the problem, not ask for additional money. No admin on this site have chosen to chimed in on this. It's interesting to note the hairsplitting going on here, purchased from the website versus a retailer.
  4. I purchased a 3 computer Premium license in January of this year from a local retailer and installed it on 2 Mac's and on Windows machine. Product was fully operational on all three. Last week Malwarebytes did an update, and the 2 Mac computers are now the freeware version and refuse the license key for update to the premium version. I'm getting the runaround from customer on line service, the latest suggestion being to either purchase a new product or even more ridiculous is to return it for a refund to the store. The cutoff (supposedly) was July of last year. QUOTE FROM THE MALWAREBYTES SUPPORT SITE for key activation problems. "Your license key is not intended for the Malwarebytes Product you are trying to activate. For example, license keys purchased before July 31st, 2017 cannot be used to activate Malwarebytes for Mac or Malwarebytes for Android." I was wondering if others are having this problem. Shown below is the latest response
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