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  1. I've gone back to page 6 and looked at page 7 and either I cannot see my own posts or they have been removed.
  2. Ok well, that filter is preventing a lot of posts then because on the phone, he kept thinking that he is being blocked for complaining that something is odd about your software and tried re-posting many times using different wording. I will suggest what you've mentioned and see how things go. Thanks.
  3. Maybe this is the wrong forum but it seems to be related to resource usage. I am trying to understand why for a month I was suffering slow, sluggish PC and when looking at resources, never saw anything unusual with malwarebytes. I kept searching and searching and could never find a problem. On Friday, I decided to disable this program and my PC cleared up. It is a quad CPU/16GB machine that was almost crawling while the program was running yet nothing obvious in task manager or even searching for the load. A friend of mine posted about this a while ago and his post was instantly removed and from there on, every time he posts, an error shows up telling him he is spamming when he is not at all spamming. What is going on that is not clear about this program? What else is it doing that could use up the PC to the point where it was so sluggish? I'm not being paranoid or suggesting anything but I'd like to know why this program is bringing my pc to it's knees and yet there is no obvious reason. PS: Taking a screen cap of this to see if it gets removed like my friends post did.
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