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  1. Well, I know that the program cannot detect how many files and folders there are, so it's hard to make the progress bar. But how about calculate the total files first? What I mean is not the quick scan, it is so quick that user doesn't need a progress bar, but the full scan took quite a long time. I found that when I check the property of drive C: in "My Computer", Windows can calculate the total size of drive C very fast. So if MBAM does this first, the program can know the total size to scan, then the program can calculate the progress.
  2. I think many user wants to see this feature, please try to add a progress bar in future version, thanks.
  3. Nope. IObit Security 360 was removed from Majorgeeks and CNet 2 weeks ago, and now they listed the new version of IS360. So I guess that they would test the latest version and they found there is no more problem with the database now, so they agree to list it. I found that in the new version of IS360, the size of definition file is quite different than previous version.
  4. Thanks for your info. Also, when I switch to Quarantine page, there is an error code as well. But all the function works well except the error code, it's little bit agonising.
  5. I got this error code everytime when I try to perform quick or full scan. How to fix it?
  6. OK, sorry for that. I will stop post in this thread now.
  7. Yes, I did the test. When I use Malwarebytes to delete a running program, I got the below message: "The file could not be delete. Your computer needs to be restarted to complete the removal process. Would you like to continue?" Another side, when I use IS360 to delete the running file, it will analyze which program is using it first, then it will delete the file without reboot. So, the principle is absolutely different, and then they cannot use the same source code to implement different function, right?
  8. My friend and me did some test on both 2 programs. Firstly, let's talk about the File Delete too. The tool from Malwarebytes is just like KillBox, it used an Windows API to delete the locked file when Windows starts next time. But we found that the tool from IS360.exe is different. It can delete the file without reboot computer and user can only unlock but not delete the file. I think its idea if from Unlocker but not Malwarebytes. The program closes the handle from the running process that is using the file to be deleted, then the program can delete the file. So it's different. Also, Malwareb
  9. Yes, it is in China. Do you know the so called GFW? (Great Fire Wall). We cannot visit some website if gov block it, as we use the same IP, they can monitor some kind of content. That' different from US. We cannot visit Youtube as there are too many videos from Tibet.
  10. Well, thanks for understanding my first. I paid Advanced SystemCare Pro and I started to use it from 2006, and I found it's really a great product. About IObit Security 360, I think they did wrong, but I'd like to give them one chance. Maybe you don't know something happend in China. Last year, Google PinYin typer program stolen the whole database from another Chinese company SouGo. This program is designed to help us type letters in Chinese, so there are many user need it, it has over 100 million download per year. So Google found it's quite a big market, but they don't have the Chinese chara
  11. exile360 did. I'm just talking to him but not MBAM admin. Please check previous post in this thread. Firstly, I said that there is no problem with the program itself, the problem is the database, and you guys said it's not only the database but the interface, the idea, the feature, right?
  12. It's quite usual in China. People uses ADSL to connect to internet, they don't have actual IP but a virtual IP, so you will find that a lot of people are using the same IP.
  13. Also, I agree that the database is stolen from Malwarebytes, it's obvious, it's the fact. But others opinions like "they stolen the whole source code", you guys go too far.
  14. Malware did have some Chinese user, maybe you don't know that. In 2008 no product can remove AntiVirus XP 2008 but only Malwarebytes. I recommended your product to many friends. Also, I'm the user of Advanced SystemCare as well. I just want to be independent between Malwarebytes and IObit. I know that there must be something wrong with their database althought they don't admit it was stolen from Malwarebytes. I removed IObit Security 360 as well, not only it stolen the database but also it slows down my computer. But I found it has nothing to do with Advanced SystemCare. In this forum, there
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