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  1. Mine is 1.0.365 and it doesn't update further than that. Says there aren't new updates. I swear, if it crashes on me again, I will only update when I see a proper update like 4.0 Update: I downloaded the version from the link you provided for the guy with the corrupted instalation and it did updated to the 1.0.421. Let's see how it goes
  2. I am on 3.4.5 with the web browser extension on Firefox activated. No crashes or issues. The problem is only on this cursed 3.5.1 version, heh.
  3. I tried what you said. Installed 3.5.1, disabled web protection and added the extensions for Firefox. Got a BSOD a few hours later with the same trigger method: Opening tabs in forums such as Facebook and Vbulletin. Reverted back to 3.4.5 and got all fine and dandy. Also, leaving the extension active was giving me some black screens (1s) like if my HDMI reseted when going to random video sites. Deactivated it for now and it is all fine now.
  4. I installed 3.4.5 over 3.5.1 and have not got a single BSOD since then. Cleaned cache and registry and done. I don't use NOD32 but I have Microsoft Security Essentials.
  5. I found this topic thanks to the guys at SysNative forums. Just wanted to add that rolling back to version 3.4.5 seems to have solved the issue. I reproduced the same steps that used to give me a BSOD daily and it didn't crash so far. Thanks Benvl for the tip.
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