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  1. Ok, just a update, Besides malwarebytes detected for such issue, Dr web security space detected dumpster as a advertisment malware.
  2. Understood. I deleted all the extra copies. Dumpster was installed incase i deleted wrong files,photos,videos etc. Thanks guys for your help! Appreciated.
  3. I strictly installed everything from google playstore. So maybe is a false positive or maybe the malwarebytes just suspect possible but not confirm a ransomware. Hmm, any comments for this? Probably can be ignore if this is the case since it is from playstore. Or probably have to look into it further? Additionally i would like to add on, the dr web security space android mobile app's firewall, does it support ipv6 ipv4 udp/tcp? KC.
  4. I can understand. I'll pick on my own. Anyway i just uninstall AVG and malwarebytes detected the uninstalled avg.apk as possible ransomware. I think probably same goes for Dr Web, all false positive. However maybe experts can advice on these issues, for the Dr Web Security Space.
  5. Bitdefender or dr web stronger in protection in your opinion? Issue is it is not listed in website, however i know dr web is a good av.
  6. I have bitdefender and avg too. Deciding on dr web. However i was adviced to only pick ONE antivirus only. Which is the best in your opinion?
  7. Downloaded it from android playstore. It's a trial version. Not the lite but the dr web security space(no pay required), not the one with payment.
  8. Hi i have attached the pictures. Location of file seems error so just ignore it. You see the app logo and the file name on both. It detected it at first then i removed, so i couldn't retrieve, next moment i reinstall it to actually remove again and it detected. I'm using 8.0version above android.
  9. Hi bros and sis, i would like to check on this anti virus as per above title (dr web security space). I have malwarebytes installed and it detect dr web security as possible ransomware, any one know whether is a false possible or? Thank you for your help in advanced. KC.
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