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  1. Thanks all, the file is working on all computers now. Any clue why it worked on most machines after I added an exclusion but not on other machines?
  2. Hi there, I have several machines trying to run a custom application but Malwarebytes is preventing the application from running and the files to go to the quarantine. The file and logs are attached. The weird part is, I added a file exclusion and it works for some computers but not others. Please white list. Thanks CDAC.zip MBDiagnostics.zip
  3. Thanks for following up @djacobson with your answer, this is good advice. A a best practices guide would be ideal so customers like me can proactively get these answers on our own without having to post to the forum. I believe your other products have such a guide, isn't Endpoint Protection your top package? Shouldn't it get the same love? Thanks
  4. Is there a best practices guide for Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection? Our weekly deep scans are running for hours and I am concerned that our scan settings are overly onerous. Our scans are scheduled to run Friday at 12:01 a.m however the scan doesn't seems to run until a user logs into their computers. We are scanning memory objects, startup and reg, within archives, rootkits. Should we quarantine found threats automatically? Thanks!
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