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  1. hosts127001

    http://www.backup-utility.com false positiv

    And why both backup-utility.com and www.backup-utility.com are listed on https://hosts-file.net/grm.txt ?
  2. The official website from the backup program "Aomei Backupper" is blocked in https://hosts-file.net/grm.txt
  3. hosts127001


    The article is from Last year. Also what would you do if malware exist on YouTube Server but the streaming Server itself is okay? Same?
  4. hosts127001

    Forum: Bad webkoll results

    Lol no, you are confused here. Look at my link. This isnt a SSL/ TLS check. Its a website privacy test and youre forum failed hard
  5. hosts127001


    Hello! Trojan miner? Dont think so. I visit (the streaming service) for years now and never have a problem. If you want, block the download service if you can, but the streaming service is okay.
  6. https://webbkoll.dataskydd.net/en/results?url=http%3A%2F%2Fforums.malwarebytes.com%2F This forum isnt a place for privacy! So i hope you guys will change that
  7. hosts127001


    IP address: https://hosts-file.net/emd.txt blocks this normal streaming site.

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