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  1. As you can see I posted asking about this issue over a month ago. This is unacceptable for such an issue to not be fixed yet. Currently I am just running my PCs without Malwarebytes on at all. Paying for a program that cannot even run properly or have proper updates that won't cripple your system, smh. Not sure why you even bring up other AV vendors at all. I don't see other AV vendors causing BSOD to people's systems. I have reached my breaking point, Malewarebytes is the only program that has caused me stress losing work. Now I don't have to worry about saving that work all the time in fear that my system will crash because Malwarebytes isn't running. I shouldn't feel relieved that a program I pay for isn't on because it could cause BSOD. Twice now Malwarebytes has caused system crippling problems but at least with the RAM issue, it was fixed that day. The same most certainly is not the case with this BSOD error. If this problem is not addressed officially and fixed soon, I will be uninstalling Malwarebytes from all of my PCs and ending my subscription.
  2. Yes I don't have this issue on my Windows 7 PCs, only happens on Windows 10 for me after the recent Windows update.
  3. Is there a fix for this yet? I just got another BSOD and this is getting annoying. Malwarebytes is literally the only software I have ever installed to cause my system to have serious errors. The first time you guys pushed an update that sucked all the available RAM until it froze the system. That was a great morning with 3 PCs, I could only imagine a company with many PCs having to deal with that. Now this BSOD Netio.sys all because of Malwarebytes. I am getting tired of software that I pay for causing my system problems. If this is how you guys handle updating your software, I will have to consider uninstalling and never buying Malwarebytes again.
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