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  1. I do to, but umatrix has some nice abilities as well with script, xhr, frame and other blockings that noscript and ublock don't cover. There is overlap, but also things each one can do that the other ones can't. I have found these to be a great one, two, three punch.
  2. Just so you know, at this time it appears that uMatrix is not being developed anymore, so it won't get fixed on that side. But at least we know the issue and if someone has to temporarily disable one to get it, it is what it is. It is simple enough, and as long as the file seems safe, (thoughts of the Solarwinds supply chain attack is what prompted me to wonder with the virustotal hits) then it is all we can do. Glad I could help.
  3. That extension is uMatrix made by Raymond Hill (uBlock Origin creator). I don not use a download manager.
  4. Here you go BG-Logs_v2.2.17_2021-01-27_20941474.zip
  5. I'm assuming you mean open up Browser Guard when this warning pops up and and click the three dots in upper right and click on support, and click download debug logs? If so do I have to do it when that warning is up? I did download the log a few minutes ago, I had received the error twice tonight, the browser has not been closed since this happened, but the tab it was in has. Not sure if that will have it in it?
  6. Granted I realize Security Check is not a Malwarebytes product, but since it is recommended by staff, just making sure it is safe for customers they recommend it for.
  7. Where would I be finding the debug log? Also curios about the Virus Total flags from Malwarebytes, Palo Alto Networks, and Sentinal One, I'm assuming FP's?
  8. Hey Gonzo, I find it very inconsistent myself, but I would just either click on the link that Advanced setup had given or copy and paste it into a new tab and it would present a little Windows window "OpeningSecurityChec,exe" and ask to save or cancel. I would save, it would download, and then sometimes after the download was complete, it would then popup the Browser Guard window and delete the file from the downloads folder. Now I run Kaspersky Total Security as my main av, not sure if there is something there causing Browser Guard to randomly trigger on it??
  9. In case you want to know I'm on wi7x64 Sp1 using Firefox 84.0.2
  10. I wanted to point out that I tried to download this tool https://tools.safezone.cc/glax24/SecurityCheck/SecurityCheck.exe to check it out and a second or two after it finishes download Browser Guard pops up and flags it then deletes the file from my downloads folder. Not sure if anyone else is having the problem. So I had to disable it to get it then ran checks with MBAM, Kaspersky, Emsisoft, and Bitdefender and they say it is clean but on Virus Total Malwarebytes and two others are flagging it. I attached the screen shot. Just thought you might want to know.
  11. Hey Hardhead, That Malwarebytes Browser Extension 1.0.47 was when Browser Guard was still in beta, and it was available on Firefox's official addons site. It was also on My 2 Windows 7 desktops with the Malwarebytes name as creator. Then when Malwarebytes switched it out of beta and called it Browser Guard it automatically updated to Browser Guard on my pc's but not on the Kindle Fire tablets and was no longer listed on the Firefox addons site anymore as Malwarebytes Browser Extension. Subsequently Browser Guard was no longer compatible with the Kindles so could not be installed though the original one is still running on them but not updated anymore. I am sure it was an official Malwarebytes extension just stopped being compatible with the change over. Anyways I know this is a little off topic from the op's question but was curious about it.
  12. Hey Porthos, Out of curiosity Malwarebytes used to make it though it was called Malwarebytes Browser Extension at the time that stopped at version1.0.47. I have it on two android tablets with firefox, have any clue why they stopped making it?
  13. Just for the heck of it I went and reset to defaults because I crank the settings all the way up and just enabled the the Penetration Testing option and it still has the runas issue. By the way I'll attach the error message.
  14. Actullay there is a windows error message popup that says the file or path is missing or you don't have permissions to use this but not a Malwarebytes one. I can just double click it and it opens, but doing runas it brings up the uac, lets me put in the admin password, then brings up the windows error message.
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