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  1. Believe it or not my cellphones were cloned and yes it was done using my compromise Google/Facebook accounts. I am on a fixed income so I buy cheap cellphones and providers, at the moment I am using Straight Talk. Over the past month have had to exchange 2 phones because whenever I made a call on the first one a message would pop up stating "Call Forwarding is enabled" and on the 12th of this month at approximately 11am a message came up on the second phone stating that my Malwarebytes account had expired, while I was reactivating Malwarebytes account four calls were made from my cellphone a
  2. Has anyone had there Android Hacked and Cloned? My old Virgin Mobile and my new Straight Talk cellphones were Hacked into using Google/gmail, I was locked out of every one of my email accounts and my Facebook account as well, now someone is monitoring them through my current cellphone. I had finally had enough as my cloned cellphone, which shows up as being in Baltimore, MD, was using one of my 3 device accounts until I removed every Google App except Google Play. Now I have 3 using devices using Malwarebytes, before when I tried to activate a second laptop a message came up stating that all o
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