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  1. Appreciated! Thank you very much. The best to you and yours. Take care, Eric Fisher, who does his best to be TheGent.
  2. MB3, Yes - not sure what RTP is - I have gotten the warning, again. I screen printed several to my OneDrive - which is now malfunctioning. The links are gone. Not sure what is going on, here. I'll see if I can get it to you. 2nd part - yes, RTP is on. I rebooted to see if the warning came up, again. it did not. Found it! Sending it now.
  3. Appreciated. Please forgive my irritation. but a phone would have resolved this. If I get the warning again, I will screen-print it here. I tried to copy and paste, but I realize that would have put an active link here. Which is what a trickster would want. Have an amazing day.
  4. I'll try that the next time it occurs - it did not, this morning. But please answer a question: is the Malwarebytes Browser Extension Beta something Malwarebytes did?
  5. I received an invitation from Malwarebytes to test their Browser Extension Beta. I downloaded it and applied it. Now I am receiving warnings about it from Malwarebytes, themselves. Since talking to someone would resolve this far too quickly, I turned to the Forum, thinking that someone from Malwarebytes would deign to answer. Either they sent this out or they have an evil twin, imitating them perfectly, that did this. In either event, it is in their best interest to get to the bottom of this. We'll see. I can't even show you the warning page. Malwarebytes won't let me; pasting it causes an error. What a joke.
  6. Why am I getting a warning from Malwarebytes about Malwarebytes Browser Extension Beta? It pops up when I open Google Chrome.
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