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  1. Thanks. I'll keep all this in mind (hopefully) the next time I get an update on the my computer.
  2. I'm pretty sure that I turned off "automatically download and install...….." and then the Install button changed to being live.
  3. Thank you, Maurice, for the simple and correct answer The problem was that I had the second computer also set for Automatic Updates, but that does not seem to work on a second unit. The box that said Install Update was grayed out (and not an option apparently with the Auto option selected) and was not something that caught my eye to begin with.
  4. I got the notice to update to and did it, but the computer that my wife uses did not get the notice. How do I update that unit?
  5. It looks like you fixed it. The same bank email no longer generates a warning. Thanks, Ed
  6. OK, I think I wiped out my old logs and I checked the email from the bank with the same problem. I am attaching a text file of the report. Does this help? text report.txt
  7. This is getting a bit weird. I put the link that I got from WT into this mail and your program said I was sending spam. Trying it again without the htpps part and hopping that it will get through. .
  8. Generate a link? Do not understand. Nothing there when I click link, but it looks like it is asking me to upgrade to Transfer Plus first?
  9. Possibly because I opened the bank mail several times? Wetransfer wants me to enter a destination if I read that correct. Where do I send it?
  10. Tried to send log, but reply says I'm sending spam. The log is over 1000 mb, but I see this reply form says max is 57. Ed Hess
  11. When I open an email notice from my bank I get a warning saying "website blocked due to riskware". It gives a domain starting with pull.t2 etc. But I am not trying to access a website but only opening my Windows Live mail. This is not the first time that I have had this problem but only with this specific bank email Part of the message (which seems legitimate) is: We are writing to let you know about the updates to the NYCB Online and Mobile Banking Agreement. The new NYCB Online and Mobile Banking Agreement will be effective July 1, 2018. You will need to login NYCB Online and to NYCB Mobile to accept the new agreement. What is this all about? Ed
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