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  1. The computer restarted normally. Fixlog.txt attached. Sadly there's no immediate way for me to know if the problem is fixed. If there is/was a trojan then it is tricky because it wasn't consuming CPU/GPU usage and according to malwarebytes notifications it was hiding behind legitimate applications. So if it is gone i won't know unless i monitor the malwarebytes notifications for at least the next 48 hours. If it is still there i expect that within the next 48 hours malwarebytes should ping me about another blocked inbound connection from a random IP address. I will keep you informed on
  2. Hey Malwarebytes team/forum. Recently I've been receiving notifications from Malwarebytes saying that it has blocked an inbound connection. Great! that means it's doing it's job. Or at least until yesterday when i took an extra moment to see what exactly it was blocking. Upon inspection of the notifications i saw several from the steam gaming platform, and one from Nvidia container. yesterday i tried looking into this blocked connection that was using Nvidia and tried posting to the forum only to be blocked by the forum's spam filter, oh well. so i took it into my own hands and uninstalled
  3. fun fact, so turns out one of the many tabs i had open was a DND site and the DM was playing around with the in app option to play music and I heard it because I never bothered logging out after the session.... sorry false alarm guys.
  4. here are the files from frst that you asked for. Addition.txt FRST.txt
  5. some background info, I recently purchase and put together a new pc and installed all my favorite stuff now i can have 20 chrome tabs, discord, Spotify, steam, and a game open all at once because I like to multitask and now I can. a little while ago I got Malwarebytes full version because I like it so much as well as nordvpn(which I run through i2p sometimes, but mostly just as a browser extension for chrome). the problem now is that sometime recently I began to hear random audio playing, at first it wasn't out of the ordinary as I normally have Spotify running in the background for something
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