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  1. For the 3rd time I was told my credit card didn't pay the yearly license. Once again I sent in my cc info and was told I was renewed for a year. For some reason, renewing only worked for my laptop and not the three licenses I've had for years. Between the fact I know my card's been fine all 3 times but only finally received a new key this time (why a new key since the old one worked just fine) and now Malwarebytes has dropped the three licenses from my account, as well. Is there some issue with my account I'm not aware of?
  2. I'm going to hope this is the place for this question. Each time I log into MB I'm told that my username/password are not accepted. The username is, I assume, my email. The password was changed a couple times to get it to work through the link sent via email. It still says it's not correct the next time I log in. If I have the link sent and just put in the exact same password (which is very strong) it works fine until the next time. Now, basically, logging in entails having the password link sent, I enter the same password that it wouldn't accept and I'm in. Why won't it accept and reme
  3. Wow! I guess I'm still an old HTML guy. Thanks. I'll try to remember this for next time. And I'm sure there will be a next time.
  4. For someone that's a slightly above average user, would running the Firefox version you mentioned cause me any major headaches or should I wait for the full program to be rolled out?
  5. Thanks. I figured it was a scam. I'll get a better copy of the URL if it happens again. I wonder why Webroot and Malwarebytes missed it or is it just they use different URLs to stay one step ahead? I learned long ago not to trust any pages that suddenly appear. I'll go through your vids later. Again, thanks for the quick response.
  6. So, while I'm using my laptop (Win10 version 1803 and Firefox 67.0.4) for sites I use daily, a page pops up and slows everything to a crawl. It doesn't stay visible for more than a minute then the screen goes black or goes black as soon as I try to open Task Manager since it won't allow me to change tabs or to close Firefox (it warns of dire consequences if I close the page). The URL is (I think this is correct) nematocide.mi. I searched for that URL and related spelling (I can't even copy the URL from the page) but nothing comes up It shows what appears to be a Windows official page with
  7. I have 3 computers at home. I have MalwareBytes Premium on all. When I tried to download the "update" (included new program) it deleted my MalwareBytes on all three including the dashboard and my account, and I was forced to download the 14 day trial of premium. After two days of searching I finally found the key so that I'm registered again. Once that was done, I tried to open my password manager and my LastPass account was no longer accepting my user name and password. After another hour or so I was able to open LastPass and found that it was suddenly EMPTY. I don't have that backed up
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