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  1. I installed Malwarebytes extension for Firefox one month ago in my two PC, one with Linux Manjaro, one with Windows 7 x64 SP1 Enterprise, both with Firefox 60.0.2 x64, the version of the extension is 1.0.22. In both machines i got several blocked sites that i think it shouldn't be blocked, sites that seems genuine, but not sure, maybe my router is hacked or something... I think that are just false positives. These are some sites blocked: - https://malwarebytes.app.box.com/s/hrxfh20wtbre7tfaimf56i5chlodia4z (The url to download Malwartebytes Anti-exploit beta, when i click in download button, the download is blocked) - https://www.origin.com/esp/es-es/ (Origin site, in spanish) - https://www.adlice.com/download/ucheck/?wpdmdl=793&ind=TuEpZ-s1ibPSbKuFArYCJSkkL_HsPrcBlcQI78QvFbJiWZHzTjKPeR_0k4Rdvd9qAQhxH2Nosesd8ie-koqaGlK0PFbd-fqh0nPUXOGl33VT3u8c3_XlbaDRqAJaITk- (The website of adlice software, whatever i try to download from their site is blocked by malwarebytes extension, Roguekiller, uCheck...) These are just some of the blocked sites that i get daily. If you want i can go on posting more blocked URL's. Seems that this extension needs to be refined. If it's not a malwarebytes extension problem, and you dont get blocked, pls tellme, cause this will mean that my router have been hacked.
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