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  1. Thank you for your assistance... I did find it.... .eventually myself.. I am assuming I have to put the path for every client workstation of software / folders I don't want to scan/want to trust. That's how I interpret it … Not quite sure how to do the server shares other than giving it to the whole ip address. So, it will look at the paths of every workstation that is part of my domain/where Malware endpoint installed based on the ignore list?? That's a lot of 'ignores' I guess .. I did try some and some things started to work better.. other things are still slow so I guess its just a
  2. Hi How do I add Endpoint Security exclusions for Malware and Exploit for individual end points. The users are complaining their Windows 7 Pro workstations are lagging ever since installing Endpoint Security. I added exclusions for Windows Defender for Malwarebytes when it automatically came on after uninstalling Symantec Endpoint. I do not have this problem with my Windows 10 Pro I read that you can add exclusions so it will not scan certain folders but I cannot see the option for Malwarebytes Enterprise on the clients.
  3. Hi I am having problems with workstations being 'laggy' since removing Symantec A/V and installing Malwarebytes Endpoint Security. It happens when they have multiple windows open on their Windows Pro 7 workstations. Initially it was lagging when Windows Defender came back on after uninstall of a/v but I did exclusions and it seemed to stop doing that for everything. This week its whenever they have multiple windows open. It can take up to 30 second to close. These type of issues have only started when I installed Endpoint Security. I was thinking perhaps there is something in the
  4. Okay thank you.. I appreciate the response.. I will see if I can find a way to stop the messages on my 2012 r2 server health dashboard
  5. Hello: Not sure which forum to ask this in.. My apologies if it is the wrong one. I have been sold Malwarebytes Endpoint Security is an antivirus solution combined with anti malware, anti ransomware software. I am a bit nervous that it isn't.. I have the management console installed on my server which is Windows 2012 R2 Essentials and primarily Windows 7 workstations. I removed the soon to be expiring Symantec software on the server and workstations and now my Server Dashboard is full of "can't find anti-virus' on the workstations type messages. If this is indeed a full package s
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