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  1. You mentioned something about permissions. Why is windows defender able to scan network locations but not malwarebytes?
  2. Hmm.. I could swear it has caught detections over my network before. So in this scenario how would I use malwarebytes? I download a file on another computer on my network, I would like to scan the files on my main computer before transferring them over the network. If I transfer the files first before scanning it could infect my main computer. What is your recommendation? I will have to take you up on older MalwareBytes versions and do a network scan. I will report back here with my findings. edit - I just tried with Windows Defender and it is able to scan network folders
  3. Thanks for replying. Yes only network folders are greyed out. I don't believe you are correct Malwarebytes is unable to scan network locations because I have been using this feature for YEARS. I have Premium and his problem only showed up when I upgraded to the lastest version last week. Soemetbign else has been disabled in the software and I would like to know why. Scanning files on your network should be possible and always has been it is just disabled now.
  4. Hello, I just updated my MalwareBytes to 3.5.1 and now the Scan with malwarebytes when I right click in Windows (10) explorer is now greyed out. It was working perfectly before. How do I restore this function?
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