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  1. I think I might not have been very clear there, so to clarify: No websites other than mine are running there, and the three applications I'm running to show in-game statistics and to monitor the game servers do not advertise or sell pharmaceutical products, legal or not.
  2. Well, I suppose anybody with a domain can point it at my IP. It's possible the old owners haven't updated their records and still pointing there, but I don't know who they were. All software running at that IP is under my responsibility and control.
  3. This IP is not shared. It's the one my dedicated server has. The dedicated server was newly installed and received its IP on Monday June 4th. If the blacklisting predates that, it's no longer actual.
  4. Well, my site is not engaged in this kind of activities. How do I go about providing evidence of that?
  5. Hi, My recently started game server has its IP blacklisted, maybe from a previous owner. Please consider unblocking
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