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  1. Thank you exile360 and djacobson for being very helpful in answering my two queries. Feedback on site navigation: I tried in vain to find this information (google and forum searches) and found it difficult because it is multiple clicks away - almost buried. The page I visited was this one https://www.malwarebytes.com/support/releasehistory/business/ however, to navigate to the link exile360 provided you had to click a further link at the bottom then click again for the correct product. Could all this be done via your account to provide convenient links seeing as the information displayed is minimal?
  2. I didn't find a clear answer to my two queries and would be grateful to the community for answering them: Malwarebytes Endpoint Security was purchased in January 2018 which continued use of the product. MBAM is date stamped 2016-02-09 version For reference, if it helps, I clicked on the link in my original order and included a screenshot of the files. I would have expected an update as my licence expires 2019 - is still the latest version? In addition, as I run MBARW alongside MBAM (unmanaged), I remember reading last year that was to be integrated but see no such option to enable/disable in MBAM and my presumption is that because its an older version it doesn't have this feature? Thanks.
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