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  1. Hello, From time to time I randomly get the message "Realtime Protection disabled". This happens throughout the day, not a specific time and when I click on Enable, it lowers the popup only to popup again a few seconds later and when I click enable again, it enables the services. Since yesterday I have this issue on all 3 three machines on which Malwarebytes is installed (1 of which is in a different network). I have no idea where it comes from. I haven't messed with the settings or anything.
  2. @dcollins and @Firefox, The issue has been resolved. For future reference, this is what I did after @dcollins found out what was causing the crash: - In my C:\Users folder there was a folder called %USERNAME% and I think malwarebytes tripped over the %. I removed that folder and voila, problem solved. Thank you both for assisting and resolving this issue.
  3. I sent a PM to dcollins with the dump file. Hope it helps correcting the error, because I've been really happy with Malwarebytes for years now.
  4. Yeah, I filtered out some stuff, because the log files expose more info that I personally want to share. Don't know what they are for to be honest, but will upload one to you soon in a private message, dcollins. Firefox, I removed the first one and the second one is a .rar file....
  5. Hey, Recently I bumped into an issue with Malwarebytes 3. Whenever I run a Custom Scan or a Threat Scan, Malwarebytes crashes with the following message "We're sorry, but the Malwarebytes service stopped working. The program will now restart". It crashes everytime and always at the end of the scan. Nothing is logged, so I can't see what the threats are, if there are any. Things I tried: - Followed every forum topic about this. Nothing - Reinstalled the program. Nothing - Disabled various settings. Nothing - Run as administrator. Nothing In the Event Viewer I see this: - Faulting application path: C:\Program Files\Malwarebytes\Anti-Malware\mbamservice.exe - Faulting module path: C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\ntdll.dll I have the exact same Malwarebytes on my laptop and it runs fine there. I run Windows 10, update 1803 on both machines. Now I know that ntdll.dll is a important system file, so I'm not touching that, but what is wrong? Any solutions are okay with me, so are workarounds, if there is any. Thanks. Stuxnet
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