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  1. nokia6250tank

    Traditional Chinese translation in AdwCleaner 7.2

    please PM me if any thing need to correct or any new items need to translate in updated version of Adwcleaner thank you
  2. nokia6250tank

    Traditional Chinese translation in AdwCleaner 7.2

    it seems that the translation I sent to you did not go to 7.2.1 😥 is there any problem with my translation?
  3. Hello First of all thanks about the tools, I have used for a long time at work, Malwarebyte with AdwCleaner really helped a lot. But unfortunately Traditional Chinese interface in AdwCleaner was wrong, until the latest version it still has not been corrected. I send AdwCleaner to many users at the place where I work , they can not accept the Simplified Chinese interface , so they must change back to English when they run AdwCleaner at first time, and this is very disturbing... ...may I re-translate Traditional Chinese interface by myself? Please give me any advices again thanks for your help !

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