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  1. Oh okay, so it's not that it is broken or that there is a problem with either the computer or MBAM, it is just that the version that is installed on the server is not supported? Even though it was working before hand?
  2. Okay, I unchecked all the checks, and rebooted and ran a scan again, however, it still came up with the same issue.
  3. Hello, I have been trying to resolve an issue I have been having with MalwareBytes for the last couple weeks now. Every time I run a scan it will go through the normal process until it starts trying to scan through the Program Data files, and then the service will stop working. I have tried reinstalling MBAM a few times with no luck. I was able to run ADWcleaner with no issues. I ran the scans I saw in previous forums and have attached them to the thread. Also include in the file is a screen shot of the error. Thank you for your help, Victor mb-ch
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