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  1. Hi, I have one server windows 2016, and i took malwarebytes premium for windows. I saw malwarebytes have a endpoint protection for server. Can someone explain me the difference beetween this two solution ? Malwarebytes premium for windows is ok for protect my server or i need to take endpoint ? So many question you can say... I don't know if i'm in the good place for ask that. Thank you for answer
  2. Hi Yoan, thank you a lot !! it's seems to be ok for now. two week i don't know what to do ! and your answer coming so quickly i attach the fixlog. i wait for see if something is going back. i took malwarebytes premium directly ! Seats purchased 3 ^^ Thanks a lot for your support and your time. best regards Fixlog_06-06-2018 15.00.33.txt
  3. Hi, I get this famous RiskWare.BitCoinMiner on my server Windows 2016. I don't now how cause it was a fresh installation. fresh installation because the first one was infected with the same malware. it's a poison i don't know what i can do... I take Malwarebytes, so i make a first scan on the server, he find RiskWare.BitCoinMiner, and remove it. good for now... But the riskware back again, and now, malwarebytes find nothing. The place of rundll32.exe who use processor : C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\rundll32.exe This malware kill my server, i try lots of thing for remove that and i don't find useful tips. Thanks for your time and your help. Sorry for my english, i'm french. Addition.txt FRST.txt malwarebytes_scan.txt
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