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  1. There was no error. All I did was follow the prompts your update and it said it needed to restart my pc. I did that and it won't go past the bios splash screen. The pc was fine before this update.
  2. Update: I got back into the bios and now it's no longer showing my primary HD. I am now upset becuz it seems like it's getting worse. Is there a customer service support number I can call to get my pc up and running?
  3. Update: I put windows manager as first priority and after it saved it went back to bios splash screen and says it's preparing automatic repair. After that a blue screen saying windows did not stuff down correctly with some options. I chose continue to windows. Im now back at the bios splash screen and have been sitting at it for the last 5 mins.
  4. No, let me explain better, my pc is stuck at the bios splash screen after restart when installing the update. I had to manually restart my pc again and I pressed f9 to go into my bios. Trying to figure out why it won't go past the bios splash screen. Hope that clarifies
  5. I got notified that there was a malwarebytes update and it wanted to restart my pc. I have been waiting now 20 mins staring at the bios splash screen. I rebooted my pc using the power button and went into the bios to check the boot order but unsure if the order is correct. Any help in getting my pc to boot is appreciated.
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