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  1. actually i think this is false negative not a positive since there is a rootkit but malwarebytes couldn't detect anything...
  2. do you have any search redirected links from google search? are you running xp? awhile ago i did have a similar problem with searches being redirected in xp i erased the file and replaced it with a clean atapi.sys and the problem went away. however that isn't true in windows 7 as the new rootkit deeper and malwarebytes can't seem to find anything but my google searches are still being redirected to elsewhere other than the link it was originally intended...
  3. note here is a sample of blocked link http://rle822x.cn/rKn4fkdE8A3X9lU5a9e766bb9cdf3b53045eb72b8f6dd8b727x in firefox with noscript and a new opened tab i've tried combofix, sophos anti-rootkit with no result, nothing found but the google site redirections are now random instead of every link that i click on...
  4. I've installed and ran version 1.41 but even after running nothing comes up. In the past something similar for this was reported by MWBytes 1.39 as being the atapi.sys But this time around in Windows 7 nothing is being reported and is declared clean by MWBytes. I was able to remove atapi.sys using an indirect boot-up and removing the atapi.sys however after running a test it seems the problem has went away but now it has reappeared again upon boot-up. Any ideas? I continue to see http://rle822x.cn/ showing up in the unblocked window but also the click as being reirected Thank
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