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  1. Looking more at it, it doesn't recognize me as administrator at all.
  2. I tried saving a .wad to my zandronum folder, only to be met with this. Nobody else uses this computer but me, and there's only one account on here.
  3. I've updated the drivers, and so far it hasn't done any accidental awakenings. Don't know if it might surprise me later on, but for what it is, nothing's off.
  4. None of the USB devices had failed to Plug n' Play correctly, though.
  5. I clicked on sleep instead of shutting it down, and in a few moments/not very long after, it starts back up again. I disabled the wake timer, tried checking for any software, and disabled Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller. Does anyone know why?
  6. Just got two more notifications. I did a run on hitmanpro and I found "Unsafe DNS server address".
  7. It's not a notification issue. I've searched ua1.lunrac.com, and it's labelled as a "redirect virus", a hijacker of sorts. I don't know where nor why it came from, but I do remember when.
  8. It happened right now as a matter of fact.
  9. Saw it from a chrome extension, but okay. FRST.txt Addition.txt
  10. Are you sure it's notification errors? ua1.lunrac.com could be an actual ransomware site/program trying to get my computer for all I know (lest it be a false positive).
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