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  1. Consumer was running, and it DID block it on the client computer. Not on his Linux-based QNAP NAS network share though.
  2. No, I'm saying that this is the infected file that the client clicked on.
  3. Hi, recently a client was infected with what was probably either OSTAP or TrickBot.j. Though he did have MWB on his computer, the infection went to his QNAP NAS and did some things to his shared directory there. It changed all the file extensions to JSE and changed the file length to 296Kb, which would normally make you think Ransomware, but it wasn't because there was no note! JPG files, by the looks of it initially, are the only files NOT altered. MWB later indicated TrickBot. If this was OSTAP, I need to find a way to recover the deleted/wiped files from this QNAP NAS. QNAP so far has been less than helpful. I'm including the INFECTED file here.
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