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  1. Consumer was running, and it DID block it on the client computer. Not on his Linux-based QNAP NAS network share though.
  2. No, I'm saying that this is the infected file that the client clicked on.
  3. Hi, recently a client was infected with what was probably either OSTAP or TrickBot.j. Though he did have MWB on his computer, the infection went to his QNAP NAS and did some things to his shared directory there. It changed all the file extensions to JSE and changed the file length to 296Kb, which would normally make you think Ransomware, but it wasn't because there was no note! JPG files, by the looks of it initially, are the only files NOT altered. MWB later indicated TrickBot. If this was OSTAP, I need to find a way to recover the deleted/wiped files from this QNAP NAS. QNAP so far has been less than helpful. I'm including the INFECTED file here.
  4. Well, here's a new one. Ever heard of the Windows Orchestrator Service? No, it doesn't go out and find you a new First Violin if yours is hit by a bus, it apparently runs Windows 10 update service, because the other 8 friggin' services weren't enough! It was disabled. Enaled and started...voila, as the Turks say. Thanks for you help.
  5. OK, creating a new profile is a no-go either. it will only allow creation of a MS account. Tried that, tried to log back in, it asks for a password, which it never set in the first place. So I go to another machine, create the MS login account with password, go back to the screwed machine, try logging in with MS account and PW, won't accept it. Looking at another article that mentions MS Store Aps flashing away. So I tried opening MS Store icon, and IT hangs. A-ha! Tried the MS Store troubleshooter: in Real mode, it indicates there's no MS account set. Go to settings, e-mail & account settings just has waving dots, no actual content in the screen. Tried in Safe mode, same thing.
  6. Nope. Tried that before contacting you. Also trying to create a new profile to hopefully update, and it's truly annoying because it doesn't want to let me create a local account, just log in with an MS account. I'll let you know hwo that goes.
  7. My results were pretty much the same as the original poster of that article, minus the happy ending with the update. The problem with mine, of course, is that I can't get updates to run. . 1) Service was already running and 2) Couldn't adjust any settings because they were grey'd out and 3) DISM did nothing. (Tweaking.exe does a pretty thorough DISM scrub as well as an SFC on it's own.) Any other ideas?
  8. Hi, nasdaq...regards to Dow, Jones, Standard and Poors. Did as requested, and it improved things significantly. Went in to the registry and thoroughly deleted the ArcadeSafariThe biggest issue now is Windows Updates. I tried downloading the newest major service release from the MS catalog site, however after an hour of it churning away, it indicated that it was already installed (1709). If I try to open the Updates section in settings, it just flashes away. That also applies if I try to update a device driver, like the network card which seemed intermittent. So I went into the properties and tried to update the driver. As soon as it went to look for an update, the window closed. Same in Safe Mode with Networking. Ran most of those tools a few times, and the hard drive is VERY busy (it's not the notorious Windows 10 disk at 100% bug) but I did manage to get the Windows Defender running again. Windows event viewer is giving me dozens of "Failed to Schedule Software Protection service..." errors
  9. A client has brought me her Windows 10 Home 64 system. Can't start Windows Defender service, and installing MWB only gets me Cannot Connect To Service error. Housecalls and Hitman Pro did not find an issue. Initially, I couldn't open Windows Explorer. Icon on taskbar indicated no associated program. Fixed that in the registry. Weird intermittent errors like inability to open Services.msc, can't run Windows Update (sometimes just flashes past, other times it just runs and runs with no result) Tried safe mode with networking, no change. The fact that MWB won't run is my biggest flag though. Ran Farbar and here are the results files. Any ideas? Addition.txt FRST.txt
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