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  1. How can I debug/tail a log of just that filter/engine ? That may show what's going on.. also when its exhibiting the problem 'MBAMService.exe' goes high in I/O .. like 8 to 10Mb/sec.
  2. UPDATE.. nope.. clean uninstall and reinstall equals no good.. that filter clobbers network.. non usable.. irony is.. I can't even shot anyone over remote session.. I can CamStudio it.. and upload if you guys want. Will try to clean boot ..
  3. DNS resolution RTT wise.. how quick to resolve.. how quick to access web pages.. I must say overall throughput is not degraded.. it looks to be DNS related.. first access only.. DNS related activity only I think at this point.. Yeh I get it.. makes sense.. funny how the application posture is unchanged.. purely was just Feature Update from Microsoft that did this.. And I did uninstall and reinstall.. but granted.. I did not do a 'clean removal and uninstall' as suggested by @AdvancedSetup.. i'll try that..
  4. Yeh.. the delta in perf is ridiculously noticeable.. all I have to do is disable that one of the four modules in MB3. Not disk related.. .. seemingly at this point.. purely network related..
  5. Anyone noticed any problems with DNS client and overall abysmal network performance with the ransomware protection engine with MB3 since Windows 10 Feature update 1903 ?
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