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  1. Just to be clear, i'm still using opera. I don't know why those alerts were happening but whatever that was it doesn't happen anymore. I don't even know what i did to cause these alerts but it's gone now Thanks for your help
  2. So, it's been 24 hours already since this post of mine and there were no more alerts like that one. I assume everything is fine now, right?
  3. Sure, i'll wait 24 hours as you said before, starting from this post:
  4. Oh, i also installed MB browser guard extension
  5. So here i am again. That stupid alert showed up again I lost my patience and decided to do a full clean up. I deleted all my synced data, cleaned everything from opera (cookies, cache, history, etc) and reinstalled opera. Now there's no more synced data, i lost everything and i'll restore my bookmarks only If that alert happens again, i'll let you know
  6. So, i think i may have figured out what's happening. There was a website on my bookmarks that doesn't exist anymore. I tried to open it but it loaded a different website that MB blocked the access: the second one below. I'll check all of my bookmarked websites to see if there's another one in this situation
  7. So, got another alert from MB. Do you think a reinstall can fix it? I'm already considering to just ignore it. If there's nothing else to do, i'll just disable these notifications
  8. I saw that option but i thought it was to reset a password or something like that lol Sorry. Anyway, i did everything already but i didn't need to import my bookmarks because they are still here but the sync is still disabled. I'll wait a few days to see if that'll happen again Thanks
  9. They say there is. Anyway, there's nothing there that says clear data, reset data or whatever....
  10. I did but there isn't a "Reset sync data" button there
  11. So i did almost everything. I saved my bookmarks and did this \/ I followed these instructions but there's no "Reset sync data button". So i had to skip this but i tried to do it on chrome because opera will never load that link. It just keeps loading forever. I also had to used chrome to write this reply because opera will not show up the field to write it. See my screenshot
  12. I mean, it'll only happen when i open a bookmark. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn't
  13. Got this one right now. I don't get why this keeps happening I see that website that i don't even know, that ip address too... The weird thing is that this happens everytime i open a bookmark
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