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  1. it does seem to b finally fixed, thankyou!
  2. give it some time and im sure they will fix it, they are usully quiet ontop of stuff like this
  3. Thanks for the quick responce, even if it is a false positive its very unnerving seeing this pop up every 10 seconds that i have certain things open...
  4. im having the same thing and i have bdo open too, theres an offical post on the bdo forums about this happening to others too just so u know
  5. Woke up to alot of website blocked from "whatismyipaddress.com" repeating, after scaning with malwarebytes and windows10 defender 0 results apeared, restarted PC and its stil continuing every now and again, a few others seem to b having this issue aswell on malwarebytes reddit, is it a false positive? just abit worried, i linked a picture of all the attempts it has been making aswell as 1 of the many results when i view results on it.
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