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  1. last night I again found that Malwarebytes  did not have current updates. Uninstalled MWB on 6/20 and reinstalled. Activated license and all was well on 6/27 with a scan.  July 6 again showed that updates were not current. Again uninstalled and reinstalled activated license with no problem. Still good today but did find that there was an update to firefox and the legacy extentions for firefox are no longer accepted by firefox and that new extentions should be added to firefox.  Haven't been able to find what these new extentions are. Anyone have a suggestion ?

  2. Malwarebtes 3.3.22 installed but after about 2 weeks dashboard says unprotected, updates required. Only way to update is to uninstall and reload.  Computer only used occasionally and in sleep mode but always on.  When hitting update on dashboard screen it flashes to green and immediately back to yellow.  Will not update from Malwarebytes drop down menu either. My son has it on his Macbook and does not encounter this. problem with auto updates.  Need ideas for fix.

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