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  1. disregard. this appears to be a bizarre set of circumstances that caused this. our RMM tool puts a directory nested inside of c:\windows\ MBAM updated this morning at 4am. we didn't experience problems until 7AM this morning when the RMM tool attempted to update its agent. although we have exclusions for both the files and the folder in mbam, for whatever reason mbam had that file locked and the rmm tool couldn't replace it. this is what caused the offline alert (rmm agent was no longer sending heartbeats) and MBAM was stuck using 99% cpu locked in some sort of crazy loop. the
  2. has a bad definition been pushed? two servers, totally different clients/infrastructures/windows server versions both reported offline this morning, when i could finally get into them i found they had 99% cpu usage. killing mbam on the more critical server made everything go back to normal im leaving the other server freaking tfo seeing if it rights itself, it isnt super critical
  3. I have two servers that reported offline. When I could finally get into them both have mbam at 99% CPU usage. I was able the kill the process on one and everything has returned to normal. Both servers were affected shortly after 7AM Central Time and are not in the same environments (completely different clients)
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