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  1. I believe and hope this will be my final update on this thread. Malwarebytes appears to be working fine now with my 2018 Kaspersky Total Security. I have 10 Malwarebyte exclusions listed in Kasperkey and I have to have the safe money feature in Kaspersky Total Security disabled. With the the exclusions included and the Safe Money toggle switch turned off in KTS, I have no compatibility problems.
  2. Made significant headway on this. I figured out how to replicate when Kasperksy is blocking Malwarebytes. It is also sometimes blocking other stuff too, but mostly Malwarebytes. So the conflict occurs when I go to banking sites and Kasperksy generates a protected browser to use. If I turn off Safe Money in Kasperksy and go to banking sites, no conflicts, but if Safe Money is on and I'm banking using the protected browser, I get the conflicts. Interesting and I'll see how things go over the next few days by keeping Safe Money off unless there are any suggestions of a fix.
  3. This evening despite making sure I had all the listed exclusions, Kaspersky blocked a good 50 or more Malwarebytes processes. I relayed the failure back to Malwarebytes tech support.
  4. I had 9 of the 10 exclusions already added that Malwarebytes told me I needed. I was still getting a conflict. I added the 10th last night. This morning when I booted the computer up, I did not have any conflict notifications. I normally have the conflict notifications shortly after booting up the computer for the day. I won't be able to check the machine until I get home tonight. I'm hoping all is well.
  5. Disabling Kasperky "application control" did not stop Malwarebytes from being caught by Kasperky. Malwarebytes tech support contacted me and provided me with a list of exclusions to add. I had all but one of them and added the one I was missing. I now have Kasperky "application control" back on since that seemed to have no effect on the issue. I will know tomorrow if the additional exclusion I did not have makes any difference.
  6. I am running Kaspersky Total Security I have not added anything to the Malwarebytes exclusion list. Attached are my Kaspersky exclusions and trusted apps. Of note, Kaspersky targets Malwarebytes once a day and identifies a dozen or so Malwarebytes activities. This normally happens shortly after I boot the computer up from a sleep state. I suspect I won't see any more alerts until tomorrow morning when I turn my computer back on. A couple more things, I was contacted by Malwarebytes tech support and ran their reporting tool sending data from my computer back to them. Waiti
  7. This morning Kaspersky blocked Malwarebytes again despite me having everything listed in the exclusions and trusted applications I'm supposed to. I am going to see if disabling Kasperky's "application control" eliminates the Malwarebytes conflict. Still waiting on a response from Malwarebytes tech support but I don't expect to hear anything from them for a day or two.
  8. Per a suggestion I received on another forum, I added a few .sys files to the Kaspersky exclusion list. I'm also waiting on a trouble ticket response from Malwarebytes. I will update this thread in the next few days if my problem is or is not resolved.
  9. I have both Malwarebytes Premium and Kaspersky Total Security. It appears Kasperksky keeps blocking Malwarebytes despite me having Malwarebytes designated in Kaspersky as a trusted application and an exclusion (which some forums suggested was the work around or solution). I submitted a trouble ticket to Kasperksy and their response is that Malwarebytes and Kaspersky are not compatible and I can not run both at the same time in live mode. So it appears that I have to choose one or the other for my live protection. Which do you think I'm better off choosing for live protection?
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