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  1. My Malwarebytes is doing full scan every time I start my PC using lots of CPU power. How can I disable it and use only manual scan? The other thing I have noticed that Malwarebytes automatically blocks some files that I trust (Bittorrent). Is there an option that would allow me to choose which files to block? Thanks!
  2. Many thanks for your kind help! Malwarebytes 3 have removed it finally indeed! As you said it found 3 more files with this threat that where located in my Chrome user's directory. (See the picture 1). So Malwarebytes have rewrote these 3 files and deleted 3 registry entries concerning this threat. (See the picture 2). Now I have opened Chrome again and scanned with ADWCleaner and everything is clean! Than you so much again!!! Please explain if Malwarebytes is antivirus software, or is it something like an add-on to the antivirus software? As I know, you should better run only one antivirus program on your PC to avoid interfere with each other. So, if can i use it together with my antivirus all the time, or should I better run only one of them?
  3. No, I haven't! Is it free, or not? Should I disable my Kaspersky antivirus before scan?
  4. I have also scaned my whole HDD with Kaspersky antivirus at its maximum power but it found nothing too.
  5. Well, What I know is that this thing is somewhere on my PC localy as it didn't transfer itself to my laptop with the help of Chrome syncronization.
  6. Interesting thing. First I have tried that method before but had no luck then and neither have this time. I mean with erasing of Google sync data on server. Then I tried to use the MB antirootkit from your second link. But it has found was is only KMSEmulator which I use for some software but it doesn't see those 3 Pup threats that the ADWCleaner does! Please see the attached file with both programs that have scaned my PC.
  7. Hi! Unfortunately it is! I have just tried again! 1) First it finds 3 threats PUP. Chrome extentions (picture 1) 2) It delets them and I reboot the PC (Picture 2). If I scan again - there is no any threat. 3) As I only start Chrome again I am asked if I want to install 3 (one by one) Пульс extentions from Mail.ru (picture 3). I choose to delete them and they do not install. 4) But when I start Adw scan again it finds these 3 threats again now!
  8. Dear developers, The version keeps the same issue for me... ? Any help is appreciated!
  9. Tried the 7.2.1 version today. The problem is still there, unfortunately.
  10. Dear developers, I have the same problem, the newest version (7.1.1) keeps finding PUP.Optional.Legacy in my Chrome and Firefox browsers every time I reboot after cleaning. The program is able to delete the Chrome PUPs but after I start Chrome again I am asked to install 2 Mail.ru extensions and then PUPs are found again in Chrome. As for the Firefox the program is even unable to delete the Mail.ru PUP from it! ☹️ Please see the attached log file! AdwCleaner[S43].txt AdwCleaner[C43].txt
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