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  1. Sorry I think there's some confusion here. I wasn't just suggesting stopping the ID and Pass (albeit censored) from being shown, but was stating that the only apparent functionality of this hidden text input that I can think of (to select and copy the ID and Pass for safe keeping) is now partly redundant due to the password being censored. However, thanks to your screenshot it is clear that only the ID field has this functionality, not the Pass field, therefore making my previous assumption wrong. Only registered versions of mbam should have this functionality (as obviously free users like my have nothing to copy), but I would have thought that it would be difficult to implement due to both free and paid 'versions' using the same installer. Looking at how short the user ID is from YoKenny1's screenshot, it is debatable how useful being able to select and copy the user ID really is. Coupled with my previous point, I think the best solution would be to completely remove the ability to select and copy the user ID and just have ID and Pass as read only labels.
  2. Yup correct. Free version. Reading other user's feedback, the input is where a registered user's ID and Pass is shown. Maybe this text input was included in previous versions to make it easier for registered users to copy their Passwords and IDs - since in 1.44, passwords have been disguised, there's no point including this.
  3. Hi AdvancedSetup, Thank you for your prompt reply! I look forward to the continued development of mbam.
  4. FYI Running Windows Vista Business 32bit with MBAM 1.44. (eh, I knew I forgot something!)
  5. First off I'd like to say Happy New Year to all, Just a minor bug report. On the 'About' tab, I found that I could click in between the two buttons and the license agreement and a text blinker would appear. It appears to be a hidden text input (as you can right click and get the standard Windows text input context menu). You cannot, however, write any text as it is locked. Obviously this should not be here. Animated Gif fun: Keep up the good work, Alex (honda12)
  6. Just would like to add that the column resize crash is still present in mbam 1.41
  7. I reinstalled MBAM completely following all recommended reboots ect and my full scan drive selection box is still as it is in the picture in my original post. I'm not sure what could be the cause.
  8. Hi sho-dan, Running MBAM 1.40 with latest def updates. It seems that extra horizontal scrollbar is only on the machine where I found the other resize crash bug and the runtime error. I managed to have access to a win vista 32bit laptop (with mbam latest) and like magic, no horizontal scrollbar. The only possible explanation that I can think of is that, maybe the runtime error I experienced changed the default column size to a too big a value causing the horizontal scrollbar to appear. I shall reinstall to see if this is the case.
  9. Thank goodness for self-stupidity disclaimers. Took a peek in the options menu, problem solved! Note to self: Don't go and write late-night bug posts! Ok ok, so one "bug" down - two to go
  10. Hi exile, Thank-you for you explanation, but if I am not mistaken your post only reinforces the problem with mbam's full scan. So what you are saying is, the user chooses to scan, lets say drive X: only, mbam then scans drive X:, and then also scans common malware hideouts in the C: drive as an added bonus? The user however, only wanted to scan drive X:. Surely, if the user wanted to scan common malware hideouts, he/she would just perform a quick scan. This "added bonus", although seemingly useful, was not chosen by the user to initiate and therefore is slightly misleading. MBAM already has two well defined scanning options. IMO I don't think adding some features from one scan to another is such a good idea (unless I'm being really dumb and missing something here ) Of course, seeing that this function is already baked into mbam, I imagine it could be difficult to change functionality. So instead I'd much prefer the devs to concentrate on more important things than my trivial finding. Sorry if my posts seem "angry" in anyway - I'm sure not, I just want to make an already great program even better honda (Alex)
  11. Greetings, I've found some more creepy crawlies! Happy bug fixing Please note I am running Windows Vista Business SP2. I haven't had the chance to test on other versions of Windows. Full Scan Column Resize Bugginess I've found the full scan drive selection window to be highly prone to crashes and errors if the user resizes the columns. The first example causes MBAM to crash: To replicate, select 'full scan' and click 'scan'. Within the drive selection box, drag both resize handles for the two columns to the far left. Result: MBAM crashes. I have repeated these steps over and over, and each time MBAM crashes. Here is a short screencast if my explanation isn't clear enough: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VlMTycYLEww The second example I haven't been able to replicate - maybe it was a one off. Even so, it was caused by extreme column resizing (that's the best way I can put it!). I did however, manage to take some screen shots: Then, MBAM Scans C: Drive even if it is not selected in a full scan As the title suggests, even if the user doesn't select his/her's C: drive, MBAM still scans it (as shown by the 'Currently Scanning' field saying 'C:/Windows' ect). However, in the log file, MBAM only shows the drive(s) that the user selected to be scanned, not the C: drive. Not sure if this could be of use but, I would like to point out that, I do not have any other proper hard drives installed (other can C: of course). All other 'drives' that show up in Windows Explorer are either from my multicard reader or a CD. Redundant UI Here is the full scan drive selection window: Don't you think that the horizontal scrollbar is unnecessary? Just a thought All done (for now!), Regards, honda
  12. Hi, I have a discovered an bug where MBAM displays the wrong scan time if a scan is paused, then aborted. (note, this bug doesn't occur if the user pauses, then resumes and aborts the scan) It happens both in the quick scan and full scan options. For me, (I don't know if other systems will display different scanning times!), even if the scan is paused then aborted only after a couple of seconds, the 'Time elapsed' jumps to 6 hours, 24 mins + a variable number of seconds. The wrong scan time is then printed in the log. Please note, I am running MBAM on Windows 7 64-bit and haven't had the chance to test for the bug on other OSes. Thanks and happy bug fixing honda "Quick scans don't take that long!"
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