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  1. Alright, sounds good. I don't know how it installed to my programs list even if I didn't run the exe so hopefully it didn't install any of the other bundled software.
  2. Hello, I recently downloaded FileZilla and before I ran the exe I uploaded it to virustotal and these were the results. https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/df61dc2d24f2e475e0a8971c5d21c1c48e9505be67714aafb4afd670aad297e3/detection It seems to be mostly PUPs and Adware though but I’m just worried about it because I didn’t even run the .exe and somehow it installed in my Programs list? Thanks!
  3. Also, just a kind of random question, if I did have a virus could it still work if I had my computer off or would it be safer to unplug my computer's power plug, just out of curiosity.
  4. When I did the Windows key + X Command Prompt wasn't there so I just searched command prompt and ran it as administrator if that works here are the results. https://gyazo.com/f8414bf642373cbda3c74de3b2cef0e1 Also, I didn't mean to install that CKScanner I was just browsing some other peoples posts on a different site and it said go here to download CKScanner and so I clicked it to see what website it was because I hadn't heard of it but it was an automatic download. I did go ahead and remove it but hopefully it doesn't contain anything bad or any viruses/malware that would make everything we have done so far invalid. Thank you!
  5. Also, I just accidently downloaded this software called CKScanner by clicking something and it automatically downloaded but I don't think it is anything bad its from a site called "Malware removal" https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/93ae77ea318b80bd5f039ceb66f1346bd453a3aef99d70656c4187de22b8880f/detection is the file.
  6. Alright, I went ahead and did that scan and got two results back however those results don't seem to be like viruses or anything bad. Also, is that full scan enough or should I do a custom scan and do all the drives? Since, this has nothing really do you think I am fine even after that Synapse X discord malware backdoor and the mods I got from mega.nz and the RAT I used to have? Also, one more question. I just got a new SSD (C Drive) a few weeks ago but for some reason it says in my C Drive that some files were modified in March but how could that be if I just got a new one? Thank you! eset.txt
  7. To format it I just did the format through windows Reset this PC in Update and Security I believe. Is there a better way to format? I was just worried about the windows files because they were modified in March which is when I downloaded the virus. And even after formatting it still says last modified in March. If that doesn’t matter though then that’s good thanks. Ill do that ESET scan once I get on my computer thank you!
  8. Yeah, it's just that it says last modified March 18th when I formatted my computer twice after that, I mean it was a quick format, but shouldn't it still reinstall windows? I'll make sure to do that scan tomorrow once I'm able to get on my computer. Thank you!
  9. Yeah, I didn't find Synapse X there but I didn't really expect to since it isn't really a trusted program it is a cheating program that I used with friends to mess around a couple months back. Also, before you close it do you know anything about why my Windows files show that they were last modified March 18th if I had formatted it after that date because of multiple viruses. Is it possible that Synapse X and a RAT that I had before are still there hidden in there because I got those viruses around that time when it says last modified however I formatted my computer after and it is still showing last modified in March. https://gyazo.com/f2bc25a5c363fb3cc1f23c272e627963 Thank you!
  10. Alright I went ahead and did that scan and the results are attached it came back with nothing bad. However, I was reading a Bleepingcomputer news article that was just posted and it says that there is a new malware/backdoor that has been found that takes a lot of your Discord information etc. and it says one of the programs causing this is Synapse X.exe which I used to have. https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/security/discord-turned-into-an-info-stealing-backdoor-by-new-malware/ If that changes anything, is there anyway to check my computer to make sure there are no traces of that program left and that it isn't effecting my discord? Thank you! cscan.txt
  11. Also, it’s fine to run Malwarebytes and Webroot at the same time not like scan at the same time but have enabled at the same time?
  12. Okay, I will do that as well once I am home. Thank you for confirming there is no personal information I just didn’t know since there was so many lines and files of mine and stuff.
  13. Oh god, a ton of people are downloading that webroot file hopefully it doesn't have any sensitive information.
  14. Sorry for making three posts, but more one thing. You might not know since this is for malwarebytes and not webroot but, with webroot at the very buttom where it says end of scan it tells me cpu usage and such but then it starts to scan my Farming Simulator 19 mods, which I am most worried about and it says flags 256/36 but then it says 0 malicious files. I don't know why my farming simulator mods are the only files being scanned after it says end of scan log and those are the one I am worried about. It just brings me to even more paranoia that there is an actual virus.
  15. Also, that webrootscan file I feel like might contain some personal information, is there a way to get it removed?
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