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  1. Hahaha, thats creative. Call me a lazy gamer, but I chose Malwarebytes and my antivirus because I can let them run in the background unattended and without the need to change settings or clicking buttons. Sometimes they give a nice pop-up so i know a scheduled scan has completed without faults. But never have I seen a pop-up on top of a other fullscreen program. By the way, you showed me a image of a setting where you can only show the notification for a few seconds. Mine is set to 5 seconds........but the notification never disapears. I am curious if a malwarebytes developer can anwser if they indeed changed something or maybe it is a windows 10 update who is causing this.
  2. Hello nasdaq, thank you for your reply. I was aware of those settings, but I would like to keep the pop-ups as it was. Before the last update I didn't had the pop-ups pop-up when I was in full screen mode (gaming). Do you maybe have another suggestion? Unfortunately I can't add a print screen to show what is happening, because the game won't let me make a print screen with the physical print screen button and the in-game print screen only takes a snapshot of the game and not the overlaying pop-up.
  3. Hi, I recently had a malwarebytes update and eversince that update the pop-up screen (which tells you the results from a scan) pops up while in a full screen game. Because i play with a gamecontroller there is no mousepointer in the game and I can't close the pop-up that appears on the bottom right corner. I need to alt+tab into windows and close the pop-up with the mouse and than return into the game pressing alt+tab again. If I play 1920x1080, the pop up comes in the bottom right corner, but when i play 4k the pop-up is in the middle of the screen, blocking the most important part of my game. This is unwanted behavior. Don't get me wrong, I like the pop-up when i am in windows, but it should not show while i am in a game.
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