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  1. Awesome, thank you so very much! It was in Chrome, but I haven't had any issues with it happening since, or any odd extensions or anything like that, so I assume it was just that one site. But thank you again for your help! You've saved me a major headache tonight.
  2. Thank you very much! I vaguely recall the Flashback outbreak. I assume then it would probably be a bit of overkill to do a clean system install? :')
  3. Hello! I'm very sorry if this isn't the right place to ask, but I was wondering if Malwarebytes for Mac currently detected any drive-by malware for the Mac (or if there were any known drive-by malware on the Mac)? I just had a tab pop open (it didn't load properly; as far as I could tell) with a dodgy "YouTube" redirect, and it's got me all worried something could have been downloaded onto my system. Again, I'm very sorry if this isn't the right place to ask! I tend to get a bit panicked about these things.
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