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  1. Malwarebytes found nothing. ADWCleaner found the same threats again. After reseting, the threats were not eliminated. Then I ran FRST. Results: AdwCleaner[S17].txt AdwCleaner[C17].txt FRST.txt Addition.txt
  2. Awesome, did the cleaning and now it's gone. What is the next step?
  3. Okay, the first scan came out clean, but the TDSSkiller found something TDSSKiller.
  4. Done. But the results are the same. AdwCleaner[C16].txt AdwCleaner[S16].txt
  5. Allright, the scan is done and nothing else was found. I reset the computer and Malwarebytes didn't find a thing. However, ADWCleaner did find this PUP.Optional.Legacy on Firefox URL. I've tried to delete them but the results seem to show that they weren't eliminated. AdwCleaner[C14].txt AdwCleaner[S14].txt
  6. Oh wow. I ran the tool and after three hours, I had to leave so I stopped it. So far, it had found 34 potential threats, and 28 of them where suggested for deletion. I'll make andother scan on Tuesday with more time and post the results here.
  7. Okay, the analysis is done now, and this is the result MWBAnalysis.txt
  8. I ran Malwarebytes one last time, the analysis isn't done, but it did find a "Backdoor.Bot" on C:\WINDOWS\IEXPLORE.EXE
  9. Alright, Driver Easy is gone. Here's the fixlog Fixlog.txt
  10. The item was removed and after the computer was rebooted, these are the new results CBS.log Addition.txt FRST.txt
  11. Slight update: I tried to run TDDSkiller again, and this time, it did finish without the computer shutting down. Here are the results. Regarding answer #22 to this thread, I don't have the Windows 7 DVD. I'm standing by about the command prompt thing until you tell me to in case this log changes anything. TDSSKiller.
  12. Done: MBAR was able to run and found nothing. But TDDSkiller wasn't able to finish the scan due to another blue screen. This time it was 'Critical structure corruption'. It did find two treats before the computer shut down, wich I hope are in the log. Cheers, Daniel. mbar-log-2018-09-25 (11-29-56).txt system-log.txt TDSSKiller.
  13. Hello Ron. Here are the new results: However, when I check the “search for rootkits” box on the “Protection” tab on Malwarebytes, the analysis is interrupted when the computer suddenly crashes and displays the following blue screen message: Page Fault in Nonpaged Area Cheers, Daniel. FRST.txt Malwarebytes analisis.txt
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